Best Solar Generators for Home Emergency

Written by Jackson Smith / Checked by David Morris

Nowadays, we are gradually living without some appliances, but according to a survey, the United States experiences more than eight hours of power outages per capita. And rising energy prices have made solar generators the first choice for many households to cope with power outages and reduce energy expenses.

best solar generator

Most solar generators on the market have different functions, and some are expensive; many people might be confused about how to choose the best one. We tested six of the top-rated generators on the market, detailing their pros and cons. And I'll cover how a solar generator works, what benefits it can bring you, and other considerations to help you choose the best generator.

Best Overall Most Versatile Most Durable
Preview Byrony G2000

Jackery Explorer 1000

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

Weight 38.58 lb 22.05 lb 43 lb
Capacity 2220 Wh 1002 wh 1516 wh
Voltage 110 V 110 V 120 V
Wattage 2000 W 1000 W 1500 W
Details Details Details

Top 5 Solar Generator Reviews

1. Byrony G2000 Portable Solar Generator

  • 2220Wh Huge Capacity for 7 Days Home Emergency Power
  • 2000W Output Power, Ability to Run Large Appliances
  • 6 Ways of Charging & 10 Versatile Outputs
  • 10-year Battery Life
  • High Performance with a Multifunction Lcd Display
  • 5-year warranty protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • End of Year Sale, Up to $1,700
  • Frequently out of Stock
  • The Offer is Limited Time

The Byrony G2000 is an absolute battery beast. It features a 2220Wh lithium-ion battery and a 2000W AC inverter., making it ideal for powering high-power household appliances for long periods.

Byrony has six different charging options. The solar panels allow it to recycle as much energy as possible without limitations. In addition, vehicles, wall outlets and other generators can restore its power.

This generator has enough battery storage capacity, and you can not worry about losing power anytime. It can power a 100W mini fridge for 144 hours, charge your laptop 37 times, and your phone can even have 220 charges!

Besides that, another thing you will like about this generator is that it has 10 multifunctional ports that simultaneously meeting different devices' charging needs. The unit has two USB-A ports for universal charging, one QC3.0 fast charging port and one Type-C port. It also comes with a standard DC port for charging other devices.

Byrony's official website runs a special Christmas offer with discounts of up to $1700. So now is the perfect opportunity to buy a Byrony set!

The only downside you might want to be aware of is that this discount is for a limited time. But otherwise, the efficient power it brings is unmatched, and the practicality of this generator makes this product a must-have for home emergencies.

2. Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

  • 1002wh Battery Capacity
  • 1000W Output Power
  • USB-C and One Quick-charge 3.0 Port
  • Very Lightweight and Portablev
  • Plenty of Different Output Connectors
  • Cool Running Temperature
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • Cannot Support Devices with Rated Power over 1000W

With the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer, you can enjoy the outdoors without being concerned about running out of power. Customers can get high-quality, portable, solar-powered generators from Jackery.

It uses a pure sine wave inverter that protects the internal battery. With less interference, a cleaner output will ensure that the battery works at its best.

This power station features two USB C connectors, so you can continually use your electronic gadgets. But how long can you wait for your electrical devices to run on a full battery when you're on the road? So, this generator also contains one rapid-charge 3.0 port, enabling speedy and efficient recharge of your cell phones, tablets, and other devices.

Its portability makes this easy-to-use solar generator stand out from the rest. It's compact enough to carry around and doesn't take up too much storage space.

Although this is a very good choice, it has appliance limitations and time limits for home emergencies because it cannot support appliances over 1000W.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station

  • 1516wh High Battery Capacity
  • 1500W Output Power
  • Durable and Safe
  • 7 Different Outlets
  • 3 Ways to Charge
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Incredible over Price
  • Self-contained Chargers Tend to Overheat
  • Very Heavy, and the Handle is Poorly Designed

The lithium battery used in this model of Goal Zero is of high quality and has a capacity of up to 1500 Wh. Moreover, it is designed by power station experts to provide smooth energy output.

One of the reasons you will like this Goal Zero Yeti is that its ports are not limited to a few devices. 7 multifunctional ports are available to meet your daily charging needs for devices such as cameras, laptops, etc.

Charging is easy because the Goal Zero Yeti quickly recovers energy from a compatible solar panel. Your car's 12V socket can also charge the device. It comes with a 12V lithium battery car charging cable so you can charge it anytime. You can also plug it into a wall outlet.

This is a very good performance product, but we do not recommend it for two main reasons: it is very heavy, and the carrying handle is designed to be very unfriendly. Another is that its price is very high compared to products of the same capacity.

4. BALDR 330w Portable Power Station

  • 297wh Capacity
  • 330W Output Power
  • Multiple Ports with a Wireless Charger
  • Simple LED Screen
  • 3 Ways to Charge
  • LED Flashlight
  • Cannot Support Devices Rated over 330w
  • Sometimes It Doesn't Work
  • Dies Quickly with Nothing Plugged In.

The power capacity of this generator is only 297Wh. Still, it is very portable and can provide power for a short time to small household appliances and even CPAP machines. So, it is also one of the things that can cope with some emergencies.

This generator can work again after being charged by a compatible solar panel (about 5-8 hours). It can also be charged in 2 different ways. Wall charging and cars can also restore its battery life in about 7 to 8 hours.

It is also equipped with a battery management system to extend battery life and protect the battery from short circuits, over current and overload. It is also equipped with a wireless charger and a multi-mode flashlight, a very user-friendly design.

It has 3 USB ports for most mobile devices and can be used to power mobile devices in case of emergency.

What I like about this device is that it is lightweight, small in size and very portable; you can even fit it into most bags and take it to different places for use.

5. ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Portable Power Station

  • Very Light and Portable
  • Come with a 18w, 4v Solar Panel
  • 3 Out Puts
  • Powering a 12-watt Lighting System All Day
  • 2 Charge Ways
  • Very Cheap and Good Value for Money
  • Only 87wh
  • 8 Hours Extended Charging Times
  • Broken on the First Use

This solar generator is intended for lighting emergencies and powering mobile devices. It has only an 84Wh rating and is not recommended for home appliances. However, it is perfect for use as emergency lighting.

There is only one USB port with 2 amps of power and 5 volts, enough to charge mobile devices. There are three 6-watt LED lights attached near the bottom edge to illuminate the surroundings better. It can support one LED light to work continuously for 40 hours. Adding another solar lighting device will reduce the run time by half.

One advantage of this solar generator is that it is compact, portable, and very inexpensive, coming with an 18-watt, 4-volt solar panel.

The limitations of this battery are apparent, but it is also a good emergency product since it weighs only 4.4 pounds, is very compact, and can provide light and charge mobile devices for a long time.

What Is A Solar Generator?

Generally speaking, a solar generator refers to a device that combines a battery, an inverter, a battery charger and a solar panel. It gets solar energy through solar panels and converts it into electricity stored in the battery to give you power at the right time.

Unlike conventional gasoline, natural gas or diesel generators, solar generators have no moving parts that require long-term maintenance, so solar generators are much less expensive to maintain.

With upgraded technology and features, more and more people are using solar generators in more places. Whether you need power during a power outage, camping or RV trip, you can choose one to fit your needs.

How Does It Work?

Solar generators can usually store electricity through wall chargers, cars and by getting solar power. Just connect the device to the solar generator when you need power.

The way how to get electricity from solar energy works is as follows.

1. Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity, and a charge controller regulates the voltage to ensure the right amount of current flows to the battery.

2. The battery stores the corresponding capacity of electricity.

3. The inverter converts the stored energy from the battery to the AC power used by most appliances and equipment.

What Are the Benefits of a Solar Generator?

● Delivers Free and Clean Energy

The solar generator can be charged using the battery panels that come with it. As long as there is sunlight, you can have an unlimited supply of energy all day long. Unlike conventional fuel generators, the energy generated by sunlight is cleaner and cleaner, with no environmental pollution or pungent gases produced. And it also reduces the impact of fuel price fluctuations on household expenses.

● Has Low Running Cost

Solar generators require very little maintenance, they require no fuel, no lubricants, and no moving parts that wear out. And most solar generators are equipped with a battery management system that effectively prevents battery performance from deteriorating. If you follow the instructions to charge it and take care of the batteries, you won't have to maintain and replace anything for many years.

● Safer and quieter

Traditional generators usually use fuel as the raw material for power generation, but the storage of fuel and the use of generators often produce pungent toxic gas and high temperature, which are certain safety hazards, and also accompanied by ear-splitting noise.

The use of solar generators can effectively avoid these problems, it's safer, and solar generators run very quietly and can be used indoors.

How We Picked And Tested?

● Safety and quality assurance

We choose products that have been on the market for a long time and have great real user reviews to ensure that every product we review is safe and high-quality.

● Veracity and accuracy of reviews

We examined the features, appearance and price of over 30 different brands based on the needs of major users in the market and tested these products in several common uses for power outages to ensure the accuracy of each evaluation.


Whether for lighting or powering your refrigerator, you can pick any solar-powered generator that suits your needs. In an era of energy scarcity, having a solar generator is the best option to provide you with cleaner, lower-cost energy.

Written By: Jackson Smith

Jackson loves off-grid living and camping and has a great deal of experience using appliances and tools. He can choose the most suitable tools and the best way to use them in different environments.